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Hole #1 is a 533 yard Par 5 with water in play on the approach shot to the green.

Hole #2 is a challenging 203 yard downhill Par 3 guarded on the right by a large oak.

Hole #3 is a 394 yard Par 4 with water left the length of the hole.

Hole #4 is a 425 yard dogleg right Par 4. Place your drive carefully to guard against water at the end of the fairway. Water waits on the right side of the green for any errant approach.

Hole #5 is a 530 yard dogleg right Par 5. The hole plays uphill to a well guarded green. Think hard before you go for the green in two.

Hole #6 is a short Par 4 at 351 yards. The green slopes back to front and you don`t want to be long on your approach shot.

Hole #7 is a 178 yard Par 3 downhill. The green is guarded by water left and willow trees on the right.

Hole #8 is a 400 yard Par 4 uphill and plays longer. Greenside bunkers will catch almost any errant approach shot.

Hole #9 is an uphill, 450 yard Par 4. The two tiered green is split by a ridge in the center. An approach shot that sails long to a front pin position will leave you with a slick putt over the ridge and a challenge to keep the ball on the green.

Hole #10 is 559 yard Par 5 with a sharp dogleg left. There is water left that runs the length of the hole on your approach.

Hole #11 is 380 yard Par 4 with a bend to the right. Water guards the green on the approach and is in play if you drive through the fairway. Green slopes steeply from back to front.

Hole #12 is a 165 yard Par 3 with water left the entire length of the hole.

Hole #13 is a 419 yard Par 4 with an elevated tee and slightly elevated green.

Hole #14 is a 439 yard Par 4 with slight bend left and a well guarded green.

A trip through the old horse barn and you will find Hole #15. It is a 173 yard Par 3 with trouble left.

Hole #16 is a 333 yard Par 4 that bends to the left. Take advantage of this hole before moving on to 17 & 18.

Hole #17 is a 483 yard Par 5 with water lurking left the entire length of the whole. Your approach is over water to a small, narrow green.

Hole #18 is a 427 yard uphill Par 4 with a dogleg right and a blind approach to the green.